Project H

The first community powered, intelligent platform

Connecting people to addiction treatment.

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Finding treatment is too difficult.

People are searching online for addiction treatment, but the information they find is scattered, confusing, and inaccurate.

Existing provider lists are difficult to navigate and quickly outdated. Providers are unable to connect with potential patients because of online inefficiencies.



If you’re an accredited addiction treatment provider or county board, contact us to get on and build better pathways to addiction treatment.


Our solution -

We have created the easiest way for anyone to find addiction treatment for their specific needs. We allow individuals, families, clinicians, and care coordinators to match prospective patients to providers based on location, insurance, addiction, and demographic details.

Providers get improved access to patients seeking treatment. Communities get more people successfully treated, and local governments get intelligent insights to not only combat this crisis, but to get ahead of a future one.



Find treatment options 10x easier than before.


Gain improved access to patients seeking treatment.


More people get the treatment they need, with less strain on health systems.


Executive Team

We're an Ohio based team passionate about our state and our work. Like almost all Ohioans, the drug crisis has directly affected the members of our team; for us, developing technological solutions to impact the opioid epidemic is a personal task.


Raj Gupta | Co-Founder, CEO

Raj is a Troy, Ohio native and a graduate of Columbia University with product experience at a technology company in Silicon Valley.

Chase McAleese | Co-Founder, CTO

Chase is from Virginia and has founded and built two successful technology companies—he is a graduate of Boston College.